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11 de julio de 2013

How much do i Know of Kuroshitsuji?

Lamento que la entrada este en ingles...pero bueno, este fue un questionario que subio un administrador de la comunidad de kuroshitsuji, practicamente solo falle en 2(:

1: In 2009 A Kuroshitsuji Musical was made. What was the title of it?
That Butler, Friendship
2: In 2010 A second Kuroshitsuji Musical was made, what was the name of it?
Kuroshitsuji Musical 2: The Most beautiful DEATH in the world, 1000 souls and the fallen shinigamis
3: In 2009 A Kuroshitsuji game was made for the Nintendo DS by Square Enix, what was the title?
Phantom & Ghost
4: In the anime, Grell Sutcliffe, in the guise of Madam Red's butler, tried to commit suicide 3 times. What methods did he use and in what order were they in? 
knife, hang and jump from a window
5: What are the names of the Triplets in Black Butler II?
Thompson, Timber and Cantebury
6: What is Hannah's surname?
7: During the Fight Between Sebastian and Hannah on a giant chess board, Claude kicked a piece on the board. What piece would that be? 
8: What is Ciel Phantomhive's birthday, including the year.
14th December 1875
9: When did Ciel's parents die?
In Ciel's 10th birthday
10: Where is the brand mark on Ciel Phantomhive's body in the anime? The manga?
Anime: chest
Manga: left side

11: During the Noah's ark Ark, Sebastian and Ciel become performers in the circus troupe. Name at least 5 characters that were the original circus members. 
Doll, Joker, Beast, Jumbo, Dagger, Peter, Wendy, Snake
12: What were Mey-Rin, Finnian, and Baldroy's previous occupations before becoming servants?
Finnian was an experiment, Baldroy wasa soldier and Meirin was like a hitman
13: After the Jack the Ripper Ark, Ciel, Sebastian and the other servants traveled to a town that was to be turned into a resort. What was the name of that town?
14: In the manga, Ciel attends Weston College, what were the 4 Dorms' names?
Scarlet Fox, Sapphire Owl, Green Lions, Violet Wolf
15: During the Cruise Ship ark, Sebastian and Ciel infiltrate the Aurora Society. What was the greeting the members used?
The Fenix
16: In the second Kuroshitsuji musical, 2 new Shinigami are introduced. Where are their names?
Alan Humpries and Eric Sgibly
17: In the first musical, Kai was unable to play his family's flute because: ?
i don't remember...
18: Name 3 songs from the First Kuroshitsuji Musical.
Red and Black, Yes my lord and On my way
19: Name 3 Songs from the second Kuroshitsuji musical.
Keiyaku, Ai wa Chi mamire, R-shitei
20: In Black Butler II, Sebastian and Ciel are stuck on a train with a killer. What is the killer's name?
they don't say the name...
21: Name the opening song and both ending songs for Black Butler.
Monochrome no kiss, I'm alive, Lacrimosa
22: Name the opening song and at least one ending song for Black Butler II.
Shiver, Bird, Kagayaku no sora shijima ni wa
23: In the second Kuroshitsuji musical, one of the new Shinigami has a deadly disease. Which Shinigami has it and what is the name of the disease?
Alan Humpries and the thorns of dead
24: In the second musical, how many souls did a Shinigami have to collect? Who was it and why did he have to collect the souls?
1000 souls, Eric Sigbly to save Alan
25: During the Murder Mystery Ark in the manga, A killer was running amuck in the manor. Who was the killer?
a snake and Charles Grey
26: During the anime Sebastian stooped a nun. What was the nun's first name?
Mathilda Simmons
27: Who voices Sebastian Michaelis in Japanese?
Daisuke Ono
28: Who voices Sebastian Michaelis in English?
who care?! Michael Tatum
29: Who voices Ciel Phantomhive in English?
who care the english dub?!  Brinna Palencia
30: Who created Black Butler?
Yanao Rock, Tosobo Yana
31: In Black Butler II, Claude talked to animals. What animals did he talk to?
32: During the Curry Ark, Sebastian put something in the curry that was "unusual" what would that something be?
Phantom Chocolate
33: During Black Butler II, Alois Trancy hosted a costume ball. What costumes were Prince Soma and Agni wearing?
34: During the Ice Sculpture competition in the anime, one participant got disqualified for an inappropriate sculpture. Who got disqualified? 
35: Who is the Shinigami with the lawn mower death scythe?
Ronald Knox
36: the Cruise ship ark in the manga, the Aurora Society was holding a secret meeting. Who was the founder of the Aurora society? 
Ryan Stoker and Undertaker
37: During the anime, Ciel was accused of selling drugs in Funtom candy. What was the name of the drug?
Opio (i dunno how to say it in english)
38: In the first volume of the manga, Ciel received illegal drugs disguised as a game from his uncle Chalis. What was the name of the game?
39: What was Alois Trancy's original name?
Jim Macken
40: What was Alois Trancy's bother's name?
Luka Macken
41: Who was Sebastian named after?
ehh...a dog?
42: In the anime, Tanaka is Ciel's house steward. In the manga, Tanaka is also house steward but he is also related to Ciel by blood. What is Tanaka's relation to Ciel?
43: Grell hits on many men. Who are the known men he has hit on in both Season 1 and Two?
i don't understand the question
44: What is the true meaning of: "Watashi wa aku made shitsuji desu kara"?
I'm a demon and a butler
45: On the inside of the back covers of the manga, there is bonus art drawn by the artist. What were Sebastian's bonus occupations for the back covers?
doctor, ninja, host, racer, sushi maker(?), horse rider


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