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2 de febrero de 2016

JAPAN LIVE , Jupiter in Mexico (English ver.)

It's a long post…feel free to read it

How was the concert? well…it was AWFUL!! I almost died in there!! The reason? There were no division between VIP and General, so all the generals started pushing the vip (i was in vip) so it was a total disaster!

Despite that, Jupiter was awesome! They sing 10 songs only, one hour for them, 2 for dir en grey, and that was obvious because there weren't the main event.
The m&g was to fast, you only make a line, give them your poster or whatever you wanted (i gave my poster of topaz i bought in there) they signed and hadshake, that was all the m&g, but i wanted more…and also as a st member i needed to give them something in representation of the team, so i choosed ZIN (well, i was more nervous with hizaki that i forgot to give it to him because, well he is the leader)….when you passed with them they said 'hola!' *signs* ´gracias' *handshake* i was a complete idiot in that moment that i also said 'hola' or 'hello' and 'gracias' or 'thanks'.

The order was, HIZAKI - YUKI - ZIN - MASASHI - TERU.

HIZAKI has big hands i almost used both of mine to take him…i wanted to do that but, i couldn't, next was YUKI, he looked at me ands said 'Hola' i answered 'hola', and normal with him (he is my second favorite and i almost fainted with the touch xD), next ZIN, YUKI gave him my poster and he signed, looked at me and before he gave me his hand I gave him the Jupiter NORTH AMERICAs Fanbook! he was happy with that, i think that nobody gave him something (also, it was forbidden to gave them things during the m&g) he asked 'For me?' and i said 'yes, well…for all' (in that moment i left my present for him in the gifs table qwq i felt bad for doing that) he looked at it so happy I almost cried…he gave it to someone of the staff and later my handshake, he was sit down but i didn't care and asked for a hug! so, I RECEIVED A HUG FROM ZIN!!!

Next one was MASASHI, i feel bad for him because i totally ignored him xD i was in shock because of ZIN and the las one was TERU who didn't have a happy face, like if he didn't wanted to be there, so I asked him for a hug and it was a shorter hug that with ZIN… :(
Later I waited for two hours in there for the show, the worst 2 hours of my life because everyone was pushing me and i almost fallwn like 3 or 4 times. The show started with the Introduction theme, they appeared in the stage and started to sing, as i said there were only 1 hour and 10 songs:

1. The Birth of Venus
3. B.L.A.S.T.
4. Darkness
5. Scarlet
6. Zetsubou Labyrinth
8. Symmetry Breaking
10. Blessing of the Future

All of them, my favorites, also in TOPAZ everyone moved their hands and I (as a st dynamic) gave everyone a lightstick so we waved them during the song, it was beautiful!!

In a moment ZIN make us to be quiet and calm (i have that in a video) and he said, well, shout 'LOS AMO!!!' it was beautiful!!!!!!!! He laso said he want tacos and hizaki said something about tequila xD

One thing i really laugh about was that I was with other people shouting 'HIZAKI! SAVE US!' but no, he was happy, and in the other side of the stage ;^;)

At the end i wanted to cry not because i didn't catch the towel of ZIN, or the drumstick of YUKI…or something that TERU throw….no because I wanted more of them and that was impossible. But they (more ZIN) wants to come back so I will wait for them happily, and i hope that in their second time…they come with other promoters and i could receive them in the airport!

…BTW  i signed one of my drawings as 'prince-zin' and gave it to zin, i hope he notice that xD and in my present i gave him a lot of candies but most of them are with chile or tamarindo xD i hope he don't die because of it!!! i also gave him some chibis of all the members ando ther drawing in ink of the others and he as a cute chibi ^w^

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